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"HuMMing Reed’s Walk on the WILD Side, I paid 75 cents for parking and strolled into the darkened BC joint looking for Art. Your etchings created a loop of enchantment, moon dances, and silent laughs. The colorful stylistic play of ‘Moth(ra)er’ paintings, the painterly etchings, the robin egg blues and warm pinks that wash over the air and sheets of the sweet little girl’s tussled hair in—my favorite—‘Morning Dreams,’ the crescent moon in the sea with fishes, and Helen’s moon all made up for a playful night on the town reveal your deep lunacy. I enjoyed this show very much. I sensed your humor and playfulness everywhere except in the stark paleness of ‘Mill Girl’ and ‘Bluebeard’s Wife’ You are a very good illustrator in that you captured my mind and senses fully. You are the ARTIST."
—Randy Marshall, Art Collector and Antique Dealer, Syracuse, NY

"Always a pleasure to run across your Art!"
—Philip Bredesen, Past Governor of Tennessee & Elizabeth Andrews patron by commission

"Elizabeth, attached are some photos for you to have, all showing the different beautiful and ‘brilliant’ etchings you have created which we have collected and framed over the years. These prints have been extremely special gifts to me or to James from each other. Each frame was created by James, as a tribute to it’s print and in turn each combined theme and design, is quite meaningful; I would have to say that each piece touches on our individual characters as well. We truly, truly enjoy your Art...the quality never disappoints and we look forward to seeing and collecting more of your inspirational creations in the future. Thanks so much!"
—Christie & James Miller, Mission Guild Studio

"I like your pictures!"
—Little girl at a Summer Art Festival

"I just picked up the box. The print arrived in good shape and is lovely. I must admit that I am thrilled that I have an Original hanging in my home!"
—Rae Covey, Principal Douglas Mac Arthur Elementary, Alexandria, VA

"We find your style quite quirky and fantastical but nonetheless just our cup of tea. We love all of it."
—Doug Nather, Retired RN VA Hospital, Canandaigua, NY

"I just want to say that I love your work (even those dear and precious retired plates) and I love your writing and I just wanted to tell you that. And yes, we WILL get one of your prints. You are so full of beautiful life in you! Hats off!"
— Anne Panning, Ph.D Professor of English, The College at Brockport
(Anne and I eventually bartered; 3 of her books, The Price of Eggs, Super America, and Butter for a framed "Always Keep your Elephants Calm" which she loved so much.)

"Wow! You’re quirky as hell, aren’t you?!"
—Customer, Allentown Arts Festival, Buffalo, NY

Elizabeth Andrews Etchings, 110 Ruskin Ave, Syracuse NY 13207 phone 585-278-8160