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Eunice the Elf   (Original Etchings: Inner Child)

Eunice the Elf

Eunice the Elf
Image Size 11 7/8 " x 6 "
Matted Size 17 " x 11 "
Edition Size 100
Cream Paper, water colored
Her Elf Self

Eunice the Elf
took from the shelf
a Dolly not nearly completed
She got herself seated
and started to paint
a smile with little restraint
And quite to everyone's surprise
(magic paint they all surmised)
the Rag Doll sneezed and said,
"Excuse me please,
but that brush does really do tickle
and while I’m on the subject
(believe me, I’m usually not this fickle)
but green eyes would be nice
and lips painted with apple spice
a brunette ponytail
and cheeks not so pale
And if you don’t mind
could I sit and watch the transformation?"
Eunice, who had listened
to all this enunciation
with curious delight
and mounting frustration
became quite irritated
that anyone had the nerve
to second guess her talents
or question her verve
So in defense of her Craft
(or in spite of the face)
regardless of the past
whenever she made rag dolls now
the mouths were always left

for last

© Elizabeth Andrews 1995

Elizabeth Andrews Etchings, 110 Ruskin Ave, Syracuse NY 13207 phone 585-278-8160