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Chameleon Dilemma   (Original Etchings: Inner Child)

Chameleon Dilemma

Chameleon Dilemma
Image Size 12 " x 10 "
Matted Size 17 " x 15 "
Edition Size 100
Cream Paper, water colored
Prices are subject to change due to unforeseen changes in my printing methods and availability. Please email first to be sure!

To Order
P: (585) 278-8160
E: ElizabethAndrewsStudio@gmail.com
A Chameleon is a lizard
    with a bigger wardrobe
    more suitcases to pack
    more laundry to fold
    more clothes to mend

A cold blooded thespian
    with dreams of a Tony
    not honored to phonies and hacks
A Chameleon is a lizard
    always under the spotlight
but with every background change
    he has to remain out of sight!

So Chameleon with your arms so tenuous
    and movements that seem quite strenuous
Have you ever considered a suit
    with a zipper from neck to boot?

With every change of scenery
You know you’ll hear quite meanily
"Chameleon, you can still be seen!"
So, does every alteration
    have to bring an altercation?
Have you ever pondered cotton
    an alternative to poly knit
    it would be so much faster
    to work with less elastor!

If you consider the chameleon potential
    in such variable extremes
You’ll have to agree he’s tremendous
    in moving through his scenes
From forest floors to sandy shores
    and back to crimson trees

But wouldn’t it just be easier
    if he wore his clothes
    a little breezier?

—Elizabeth Andrews

Elizabeth Andrews Etchings, 110 Ruskin Ave, Syracuse NY 13207 phone 585-278-8160