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Most people are amazed when they see me bicycling down the street with Graham my long haired chocolate and tan dappled dachshund while eating a bagel and lox and applying eyeliner. They seem even more surprised to discover my Etchings and Paintings are illustrations to my own poems and stories. Sometimes, I illustrate stories I haven’t written yet!

I have been making up tales since I was five days old. By the age of four I drew with pencil, paint and pens to illuminate my stories. Alas, I was too attached to my artistic creations to ever part with them. When I was old enough to enter College, a time of Conceptual and Large Abstracted Thought my narrative, illustrative style chagrined my professors.

As time has passed, I’ve continued to chafe at assimilation by technology and popular culture. The etching of metal plates enables me to make multiple prints that are all originals. The etched plate is truly a labor of love; and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious compliment to my poems, personal anecdotes, and creative musing.

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Elizabeth Andrews Etchings, 110 Ruskin Ave, Syracuse NY 13207 phone 585-278-8160